How to Uninstall Text-Enhance Spammy Adware From Google Chrome

At first glance, many of you may find that this post is a bit off of our typical topic of building a successful business online, but distractions from frustrating adware plugins and extensions can lower your productivity in the time that you do spend online.  It’s important to know how to uninstall these plugins to keep your computer clean and and stay focused.

The Text-Enhance plugin for Google Chrome creates annoying little hyperlinks in otherwise normal text that link to advertisements while you’re browsing online.  It makes it difficult for internet users to differentiate real anchor text and links from Text-Enhance ad links and provides internet users with an unneeded distraction.

Fortunately it’s extremely simple to disable the Text-Enhance plugin in Google Chrome.

*Note: this works with other Google Chrome adware problems as well*

To do this, first click on the wrench icon in the upper right hand corner of the Chrome browser.

How to Uninstall Text-Enhance Step 1

Next, scroll down to the Tools menu, expand it and click on Extensions.  This is what your screen will look like.

How to Uninstall Text-Enhance Step 2

Look through the list of installed Chrome extensions and identify the ones that you don’t recognize.  These are more than likely where text-enhance is stemming from.

I only have a few extension installed in Chrome, but Alexa Traffic Rank, SEO Quake and Tweet Deck are all reputable plugins that I actively use and installed for a purpose.  Bit Torrent I use from time to time.  The extension that sticks out to me is The Bflix, so I’ll mouse over the remove button on the right and click to remove.

Since I only use the Bit Torrent Bar occasionally, I’m going to uncheck the Enabled box.

How to Uninstall Text-Enhance 3

You now know how to uninstall irritating adware from Chrome and solve your Text-Enhance adware problem!

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